Maidstone Rebels

Fixtures for 2014 - 2015

Titans: Away: 28th September (Aspire - 12.30pm - Sunday)

Bombers: Home: 4th October

Plymouth: Away: 19th October 2-2.30. (Sunday)

Birmingham: Away: 9th November (Sunday - 12.50pm)

Titans: Home: 22nd November

Plymouth: Home: 6th December

Norwich: Home: 13th December

Blackhawks: Away: 11th January 2015 (Sunday)

Celts: Home: 21st February 2015

Birmingham: Home: 14th March 2015

Bombers: Away 29th March 2015 (Sunday - 2pm)

Blackhawks: Home: 11th April 2015

Celts: Away: 26th April 2015 (Sunday)

Norwich: Away: 3rd May 2015 (Sunday - 1.45pm)

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